Thursday, July 29, 2010

Type 1 Wanna-Be

A couple days ago I was talking about how disappointed I was that I met my first real life pumper and she was very condescending and acted like I was stupid for being interested when I’m “only” a T2.

I tried to relate this story to a T1 that I know and was amazed at the response.  Since this was a fellow diabetic, I was expecting to hear something along the lines of disbelief... instead this person actually responded with a statement about how crazy it is when a T2 tries to compare themselves with a T1. 

I believe the line was "its not like they have REAL diabetes!". 

I hesitated, trying to put an actual sentence together in my head, and finally said that I was a T2, does that make me not a REAL diabetic?  Like counting carbs and trying to exercise, and watching what I eat, and taking meds... that's not REAL?  And she said, well, you're not REALLY a T2, you take insulin.  I doubt that there are very many T2's who take more than MAYBE Lantus. 

Well, that's probably true.  And I have no good answer for that.  I agree that its odd that I have to do MDI's to have controlled diabetes.  My doc initially put me on insulin because I really should have gone to the hospital.  I'm sure I was probably supposed to come off of it sometime.  And I think that's why my doc put me on the Metformin and Januvia too, to try and help me get off the insulin, or at least the Novolog.

But I guess it seems like the insulin is kinda doing the trick... the pills both help my own body's insulin actually do its thing, and that probably keeps the insulin amounts I inject down a little bit.  Which really is odd, thinking about it.  If my body IS creating insulin (c-pep test confirmed it), then why aren't the pills alone doing the trick?  I'm sure if I came off the insulin I'd skyrocket, even if I ate completely correctly.  Is it because I'm overweight?  I don't know!

But I digress... I've gone way off topic.  I was completely shocked at the response I got about T2's not being REAL diabetics!  Maybe as a T2 I'm not as much a part of the community as I thought.  I mean, I don't see very many T2 bloggers out there.  Its like its not a REAL disease, so why bother blogging about it? 

So I will just press on, and blog to my little hearts desire.  One day, a newly diagnosed T2 who gets shoved on insulin might need to read something, even if its just to know there is someone else out there.

But that's why sometimes I feel like a Type 1 Wanna-Be.  Its like, if I'm going to be stuck with this disease and having to take MDI's, then I'd like it to be for a darn good reason.  I want to be able to know that I take insulin shots for a reason, and not just because my doc put me on it because she didn't know any better.

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