Friday, November 12, 2010

My Endo Experience! - part 1

So as I mentioned yesterday, I went to the endocrinologist again. This visit was scheduled for diabetes education, iPro hookup, and pump demo. In addition, my endo had been trying to reach me this past week with my lab results, so she popped her head in and talked to me a bit too.

First, the diabetes education. I think the reason I got to have the “educational” part is because I mentioned that when I was first diagnosed back in 2005, and then again when I started insulin last September, nobody ever really TOLD me anything. I learned about carbs from a counting class my mom took me to with her. I learned about other stuff by hearing things in various communities and forums and then researching them. I have done a LOT of research about my condition over the past year, and I feel that I’m pretty well educated. And I think my endo did too. So I think she only scheduled it for me because the same lady did the pump demo, and she figured I’d get a little info out of it.

I got a Workbook! Now if I had gotten this Workbook back when I was first diagnosed, or even when I was scared into taking care of myself, it probably would have been very helpful. There is a lot of good information in here on understanding what diabetes is, what highs and lows can feel like and do to you, meal plans, physical activity, and so on. I am, however, VERY grateful that this woman was not the one teaching me the information!

The visit started out poorly because she first had to ask me what type of diabetes I had. Then she reached out and patted my shoulder and said “well honey, we need to make sure that you follow your diet and exercise plan! We don’t want your diabetes to graduate to type 1! Then you’d have to go on insulin!”

I blinked a few times at her. And then I said, “um.. I already take insulin.” At which point she proceeded to tell me that that was good, but I should really want to get off of it so I don't become a type 1.

This is the diabetes EDUCATOR!!

So I told her that I didn't have type 1, and that with type 1 you have antibodies that kill off your beta cells so they CAN'T make insulin, but that I'm definitely a type 2, so I make some insulin but its not doing its job. And then I said "right?" like, to make sure she didn't think I was trying to tell her how to do her job.

From that point I just kind of sat there amused with the whole thing. At one point she told me that I should lower my cholesterol intake.

ME:  I'm still learning about diet, so how much a low cholesterol intake be?
HER:  well.. hmm.. oh.. well do you eat eggs?
ME:  yes
HER:  well thats it! eggs!
ME:  eggs? well, I knew that. I don't eat an excessive amount of eggs though. How much is too much?
HER:  Well, you probably normally eat like one or two?
ME:  yeah probably
HER:  yeah, thats it.

again with the "sigh"!!

And then we finally moved on to pump stuff, which was also rather disappointing... and which I will talk about tomorrow, because its just been a long bugger of a day!


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