Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Well, I didn't make it for NaBloPoMo....
I got sick during the same week that my hectic online class started doing two chapters per week, and everything just fell apart...but now I should be back!  I got a bit of a break in school and work due to the holiday, so I got to catch up on all my stuff....

Today I just wanted to say that I'm thankful that I am here, with a good job, and the ability to further my education. I am thankful that I have a wonderful family that I can talk to and be with.  And I am thankful that I have a wonderful man in my life who supports me in whatever I try to do. 

And on a health related note, since its Diabetes Blessings Week, I'll make note of a couple D-related things I'm thankful for too..

I think the biggest thing I'm thankful for in this regard is the fact that having diabetes has forced me to take a better look at my eating and exercising habits.  While I'm still not on the exercising bandwagon (and should be), I have learned a LOT about food and what it does to my body.  I'm not perfect (and even if I was I don't think it would matter), but I know what works and doesn't.

I'm also thankful that it ultimately introduced me to the joys of blogging.  I know that might sound silly, especially since I don't blog anywhere near as much as some other people I know, but I really enjoy writing things down a few times a week.  Its helped me better evaluate what I'm feeling and thinking.

So there you go :)

Happy thanksgiving and turkey eating day everyone!!

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  1. Great post, Lynn. Thanks for participating in Diabetes Blessings Week. Be sure to add your post to the list.

    Happy Thanksgiving!