Friday, December 10, 2010

its good to be back!

When I first started really reading blogs and then started blogging myself, there were a few things that I always told myself that I don’t want to do. My personal “rules” for blogging. For example: There was this one blogger that I always enjoyed reading her blogs.. but every single blog was a massive complaint about something, and written in such a way that she came off as sounding like she thought she was superior to EVERYONE. I decided that if I ended up starting a blog (and I did, obviously), that I would try to avoid blogging only when I had a complaint or was bugged about something. Another example: I always felt like if I was going to blog, then I wanted to keep on top of it, and not keep people waiting who want to read random stuff I write. Now obviously, its NOT REQUIRED for people to update their blogs just to satisfy me :) OR for me to provide reading material to others, but I always said I would try to update more frequently, so people would have something to read if they wanted to. And that is why I’m writing today, with a little explanation, just in case anyone was sitting out there going “OMG where is my reading material!!??!!”

So last month I tried to do NaBloPoMo and started out strong, even doing the 30 Days of Diabetes Blogging thing too, and around mid-month I just epic failed. Basically, I got sick and also had way way way too much homework all of a sudden. I am a taking college courses (2 of them, at the time), and also working 40 hours, and that’s really not too bad, but right around the middle of the month I had a HUGE project due in one class and then my online class started doubling up chapters which meant twice the homework, twice the quizzes, and twice the discussion assignment (it was on online class, and medical terminology too, so it was a lot of memorizing and stuff too). So while I was sick I sat at home wrapped up in a blanket and did homework, instead of blogging.

After that it was the week of Thanksgiving and while I wasn’t sick, I still had the double chapters in my online class, so I was still crazy busy. And that’s how it continued. Until last night! Last night I took my last test and turned in my last project for one class, and then I went home and finished all my homework and studying for my online class, so now all I have to do is take the two quizzes for the chapters and then the last test (before Monday), and that’s it!

So I figure its time to get these topics floating around in my head out of there and onto my computer! And catch up on my blog READING too! I’ve been missing reading everyone else’s stuff, and I know I’m way behind.

For today, I’m going to leave it at that. One of my other rules, which I ALWAYS break, is to try and keep my posts short (ish), so that its not just a wall of text that people are going to get bored with. More tomorrow!

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